Our Process

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Our Process

NewGen Energy specializes in the development, design, construction and asset management of solar and energy storage strategies that maximize long term, sustainable energy savings.

We manage the entire solar installation process and are qualified to meet the most complex standards. Each of our solar power installations is built to deliver the highest energy output and financial savings possible. 

Our highly efficient solar system designs incorporate the most appropriate photovoltaic (PV) products, inverters and balance of system components; all based on your location, architectural features, climate, electrical load and financial situation.

NewGen Energy is committed to becoming the #1 trusted solution for the needs of all industries by providing long term energy saving strategies that save our customers money while powering a more sustainable, resilient and clean energy supply. 

We want to make the transition to clean energy simple for you, so we focus our energy on delivering top-quality services and end-to-end solutions customized for the success of each of our customers. 

Designing any solar power system is an involved process that requires considerable technical knowledge and experience. NewGen Energy will design the most appropriate and cost-effective customized solar solution that fits the needs of your facility. 

Energy Usage Analysis

1. Site Assessment

We track and measure your energy usage and utility bill in order to create a custom-tailored plan that will help you to increase energy savings.

We begin by assessing your historical power usage, the quantity of energy consumed, energy usage patterns and potential savings.

We will give you insight into how you're using energy to operate your business and how to save money by going solar and optimizing your return on investment.

Options, Taxes & Other Incentives

2. Financing

Solar financing can be complicated, but NewGen Energy simplifies the process. We help you understand your financing options, including tax and other incentives.

  • Cash Purchase
  • Lease
  • Power Purchase Agreement
  • Agriculture Financing
  • Public Financing

3. Design & Engineering

With the data obtained from the site evaluation and feasibility study, our engineering department will complete the design of the solar electric system including location and specification of all equipment and points of interconnection.

The system designs are certified by third party licensed engineers. These certifications ensure that the design is compliant with the local electrical and structural engineering standards in your area.

With multiple megawatts of Solar and Energy Storage systems installed, NewGen Energy’s engineers are dedicated to creating system designs that are compliant with industry standards and best practices.

Having worked in the agriculture and water industries for years, we understand the specific industry needs and have proven success in designing the best solar energy system.


  • Site energy analysis
  • Site surveys
  • System design including engineering and interconnection plans
  • Facilitation of land use permits
  • Consultation on property tax abatements

4. Installation

NewGen Energy's installation team consists of a diverse group of electrical foreman, solar installers, material handlers, safety inspectors and site supervisors.

We have many staff members available to coordinate and manage the teams necessary to install a project of this scale.

An experienced construction management team is critical to successful project execution and our dedicated teams have installed hundreds of kilowatts of solar.

NewGen Energy manages the entire project from start to finish, even bringing in specialized contractors if needed to address unique challenges.

During the construction phase of your project, you can expect the following from us:

  • Pre-construction meeting – Set schedules, review the plan, prepare customer's team

  • Material procurement – Acquire solar panels, inverters, mounting components, junction boxes, wire, hardware

  • Labor selection – Determine members of mechanical, electrical, site clean-up teams

  • Site preparation – Inspect the site and make all necessary improvements including safety modifications in preparation for construction to begin

  • Material delivery – Take possession of all materials, inspect, and stage

  • Solar array installation – Construct racking structure and mount panels

  • Electrical installation – Construct the inverter pad and run DC wiring to the pad

  • Grid interconnection – Install the AC wiring and connect to the grid

  • System start-up – Inspect, test, and commission the solar electric system


5. Grid Interconnection

Utility Interconnection standards are the requirements for connecting your solar system to the grid. These rules apply to both electricity customers and utilities.

The interconnection process is complex, and if not managed properly, can be a significant barrier to bringing a solar energy system online. NewGen Energy handles the entire interconnection process on your behalf to ensure a timely completion.

Real Time System Analysis

6. 24/7 Monitoring

Continuous 24/7 monitoring allows for real time analysis of system performance to maximize efficiency and production.

Through the monitoring platform, NewGen Energy and all its customers will be able to see the systems production in real time and stay alert of any potential system failures.

NewGen Energy will respond within 48 hours to trouble shoot any system failures.

Warranty & Maintenance

7. Asset Management

We are committed to providing you with warranty and maintenance services to improve project performance and sustainability.

Our warranty goes beyond solar panels. We guarantee installation, parts, maintenance and even the amount of energy generated by your NewGen Energy system.

Vistawatt Performance Optimization

7. Billing Support

Every every solar panel system should be treated and managed properly. At NewGen Energy, we take the time to track and monitor project performance to ensure that it’s operating at its peak in order to maximize potential savings.

We have partnered with vistawatt to provide a seamless post solar energy billing system and service to its customers. From post solar rate optimization, data analysis, solar performance, bill management and asset management, NewGen Energy and vista watt are committed to customer support through the life time of the solar panel system.

With every solar panel system we build comes with the Locus Energy system which provides tracking and monitoring of your solar project on a regular basis. Unlike many other solar companies, we offer utility bill auditing- an invaluable tool that measures the worth of the energy that your system produces against your utility bill credits.

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NewGen Energy can help you to set up, plug in and reap the rewards of building your business to be both environmentally and economically stable.

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