Solar for Agribusiness

Make Solar a part of your farm land operation and enjoy long term sustainable energy savings.


Predictability Matters

Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary every year. Solar panels for farm use can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability. With the agriculture sector’s incentives and access to cheap solar financing, solar is a solid business decision with a rapid payback.

Solar Energy for Agricultural Customers

NewGen Energy knows from experience how to make agricultural solar projects successful. We’ve worked with growers, processors, vineyards, cold storage facilities, packing houses, food processing plants, and a whole range of other agricultural businesses. NewGen Energy has developed a proven process to deliver clean energy solutions to the agriculture industry in California.

Renewable Energy Resources for Agriculture

We understand Agribusiness because that’s where we started. At NewGen Energy, our team is experienced, authentic and most notably, we are trusted. Farmers in the agriculture industry are facing skyrocketing energy costs. These skyrocketing energy costs are expected to continue into the future. For this reason, and to grow a sustainable business, it is important for your utility costs to have some sort of predictability. Alternative energy resources are the best way to produce sustainable, long term energy solutions on site.

Finding the correct solar capacity is key to maximizing your returns. With our expert guidance you will be able to determine what system works best for your business.

We look over every detail of your current energy usage to determine where you have the biggest opportunities to save.

With a clear understanding of your site’s needs, we design your system to fit your specific business.

We are one of the few Solar companies that offer flexible payment plans that allow you to pay for your system over time.

Our solar installers are fully trained professional who get the job done right and on time.

We manage your operation’s performance in real time and stay alert of any issues. If problems arise, we are ready to trouble-shoot within 48hrs to get you back in operation right away.


One Solar Solution
does not fit all Agribusinesses

With years of proven success in helping Agribusiness become more sustainable, we develop, design, finance, install and O&M solar and storage energy strategies for growers, processors, Cold Storage, Packing, and water pumps that have proven long term sustainable energy savings.

Finding the correct solar capacity for your business is crucial. Being off target even a small percentage can underthrow your business and cost you thousands of dollars. Our experts can help as they are up to par with industry requirements used to develop a specific solar energy system.


The key to a fruitful garden is to incorporate renewable energy resources or solar energy tools on your site. Not only will they fight against inflation, but can help offset costs related to irrigation as well as any other operation costs.


Utility bills are at their peak during crop processing season. Since crop processing requires burning a lot of energy, it’s wise to invest in renewable energy resources to run your entire solar farm. They can help keep utility costs under control while you remain busy running your agribusiness.

Dairies & Ranches

Solar energy resources on site can offset electricity costs that come from milking machines, HVAC, and other equipment. Ranches, often times, lead to underutilized land which is why they benefit the most from solar energy resources that help to save money.


Food distribution is one of the most difficult channels to manage because it requires electrifying cold storage 24/7 as well as powering up trucking fleets. Renewable energy resources (or solar energy resources) are a no brainer in reducing operational costs that come with distributing food.


Current Benefits of
Agriculture & Commercial Solar

Achieve Significant Cost Reductions

Replacing high-cost energy purchased from the utility can deliver improved operating margins.

Hedge Against Volatility by Locking in Energy Rates

Solar systems last 25 to 30 years and produce predictable amounts of energy at a known cost that is fixed once the system is operational.

Use less Productive or Fallow Land to Generate Energy Across your Operation

Certain utilities allow the offsetting of multiple meters with a single solar system. This enables siting the system in less productive areas and provides greater economies of scale.

Relatively Small Amount of Land used for Solar can Provide Significant Energy Savings

Less than 1% of land is needed to power your operation.

Achieve Attractive Investment Returns and Payback

Solar can often provide attractive rates of return on invested capital, either through direct purchase or using financing.

Offset Income Tax Liability with Federal Investment Tax Credit

Commercial agricultural entities with income tax liabilities can utilize the 30% Federal Income Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation to mitigate tax liabilities.

Choose From a Variety of Financing Structures

Entities not wishing to purchase systems with cash can utilize a variety of financing structures, including debt financing and third party ownership models.

Enjoy Sustainability and Marketing Benefits

More large customers are requiring sustainability reporting as part of their supply chain oversight programs based on consumers demands. Renewable energy can help meet


The Time is now for Harnessing Solar Power
for your California Agribusiness

California agribusinesses are embracing solar and energy storage systems at a record pace. California has some of
the sunniest climates in the country, along with the nation’s highest electricity rates. The economics have never been better for California’s agribusinesses. In most cases, solar and energy storage systems can pay for themselves in just a few years.

Incentives Now Make Solar Even More Enticing

With abundant sunshine, some of the highest electricity costs in the nation, and generous stateprograms and federal incentives, agricultural businesses are embracing solar energy.

As Solar Costs Fall, So Does the Payback Period

Payback periods now range from 3-5 years for many solar customers: in three years from set up you can have already paid for your solar system and be generating electricity at little to no cost.

Solar Provides Economic & Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability doesn’t just apply to the environment. Build your business to be economically sustainable and primed for growth. Solar energy makes a dent in your carbon footprint and reduces your operating costs.


Many agribusinesses have widely distributed facilities — Irrigation pumps, homes, production facilities, barns, storage buildings and more. With Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA), a single solar power plant can offset all electricity used by the business, provided the properly is contiguous, resulting in an accelerated ROI.


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