Harness the power of the sun for your California Agribusiness

"NewGen Energy was by far the best experience we have had. Their estimates were  precise and their timeline was on the mark."

Bill Soares - CFO, Bennet Ranch

Agriculture Solar Success Stories

Solar Made Simple for Agriculture

Energy costs are rising every day. For growers and processors in the agriculture industry, markets are unpredictable and margins can be tight.

You need to get a handle on it all with predictable electricity costs, and a sustainable energy resource you can generate onsite: Solar.

NewGen Energy specializes in solar solutions for farms and agribusinesses.

We partner with you to design energy strategies that save, on average, $50,000 per acre.

Working together, we power a more sustainable and resilient food supply.

"I had the pleasure of working with NewGen Energy on a large solar PV project for two of my deep well irrigation pumps. Not only were they competitive, but they raised the bar on every aspect of the project."

Tom Pires - Owner, Pires Farming

We have a history of saving BIG!

With over 100 MW’s of combined solar energy system experience, NewGen Energy has the qualifications to handle the most challenging projects in the industry and achieve real savings for our customers.

We take pride in the high-quality systems we deliver at the most competitive prices.  And our variety of financing options allows you to find a solution that fits your unique business so that you can go solar right away.

Pires Dairy
25 Year Estimated Savings
System size: 1.59 MW
4,240 solar panels
Ground fixed tilt mount
Ag Logo Dark
Hidden Valley Dairy
25 Year Estimated Savings
System size: 975.00 KW
2,600 solar panels
Ground fixed tilt mount
Frank N. Rocha Dairy
25 Year Estimated Savings
System size: 881.25 KW
2,350 solar panels
Ground fixed tilt mount
Bennet Ranch
25 Year Estimated Savings
System Size: 412.50 KW
1,100 solar panels
Ground mount
David Santos Farming
25 Year Estimated Savings
System size: 569.25 KW
1,518 solar panels
Ground fixed tilt mount

* Our 24-hour monitoring and asset management ensures that your system is performing exactly as you expect so that you can achieve maximum savings. 

"It was great to see the same people that engineered and sold me the solar system out on the construction site operating equipment and working in the physical process of building the system themselves."

Adam Devisser - Owner, Devisser Dairy

Sustainability With Solar

Make your farming or processing operation more competitive, profitable and sustainable with NewGen Energy. On average, NewGen Energy customers who install a 1MW solar system offset $265,000 in utility costs in the first year alone.

As a grower you have specific energy needs. Many businesses have started using solar power for agriculture industry applications.

At NewGen Energy we will custom design a system to meet your precise requirements. Let our local team of solar engineers design the best solar system for your operation. We will review your power needs and provide a custom and personalized solution created specifically for you.

Our consulting engineers, technical designers and installers can take care of every part of your agricultural solar project including design, engineering, financing, installation and solar system maintenance and support.

Your needs change, your power requirements change as well. At NewGen Energy we calculate your usage in the same format that your utility company reads it. We then break it down by the day and hour to calculate your power usage demands, and the different agriculture and usage rates.

This accurate metering gives you the data you need to save the most on utilities and your overall ROI. If not done properly – considering every detail including location of your solar installation, your solar system could be over or undersized which could result in thousands of wasted dollars.

By tailoring your solar installation to your land and agricultural specifications and future growth, the end result is the best solar utilization and overall increased POI.

"We’re so excited to have chosen NewGen Energy for the installation of our solar system. They walked us through the entire process and are delivering an excellent customer service experience."

Josh Cunningham - Owner, Cunningham Farms

"The best thing about working with NewGen has been the fact that they are a family owned and operated business."

Ross Filippini - Partner, David Santos Farming

A Solar Solution Fit For You

NewGen has been working with customers in the agriculture industry since 2012 to build alternative energy systems that electrify irrigation pumps and provide clean power for processing your crops. Cold storage, machinery and all the electrical operations that drive your agribusiness.



Whether your growing fruits, vegetable, nuts, cotton or other crops, solar can help shave off utility costs, an excellent hedge against inflation, solar can help growers offset the high costs of irrigation and other operational costs.


Processing crops require a lot of energy, and seasonal demand spikes can cause your utility bill to surge unexpectedly. A solar and storage solution keeps cost stable so. you can focus on the harvest.

Dairies and Ranch

Dairies and ranches have unique needs when it comes to energy. Dairies use solar to offset the costs of constant electrification for milking machines, HVAC and refrigeration, ranches appreciate the ability to turn underutilized land into a cost-saving solar array.


Distributing food requires logistics management and optimal col storage every step of the way. In addition, trucking fleets are rapidly moving to electrification. Solar can help reduce operational costs on both fronts.

Agriculture Solar Success Stories

Peter & Adam Devisser Dairy, Dairy - Escalon, CA

Peter & Adam Devisser Dairy
Dairy - Escalon, CA

Josh Cunningham Farms, Grower - Ripon, CA

Josh Cunningham Farms
Grower - Rippon, CA


Bennet Ranch
Large Grower - Firebaugh, CA


Hidden Valley Dairy
Dairy - Gustine, CA


Bartelink Dairy
Dairy - Escalon, CA


De Graaf Ranch
Large Grower - Ripon, CA


Tom Pines Farming
Grower - Lemoore, CA


David Santos Farming
Large Grower - Los Banos, CA


Vander Schaaf Dairy
Dairy - Escalon, CA


Frank N Rocha Dairy
Grower - Escalon CA


Pires Dairy
Large Dairy - Gustine, CA


R&S Dairy
Dairy - Escalon, CA

Find more of our agriculture solar success stores in our portfolio.

"NewGen's communication and responsiveness has made me feel like I am in good hands throughout the whole process of the solar project."

Ross Filippini - Partner, David Santos Farming

Success Story

David Santos Farms - Los Banos, CA

“With over 100+ megawatts of combined solar energy project experience, NewGen Energy has become leaders in the agricultural, commercial, and residential alternative energy spaces."

"We take pride in the high-quality systems we deliver at the most competitive prices, while providing the best customer service experience in the industry.”

Financing Options

There is no “one” financing solution that works for all building or property owners. The right solution depends on financial status, long-term business plans and internal resources.

We’ll work with you to review your portfolio and determine the best possible solution designed for your unique operating situation.

NewGen Energy is a preferred developer for all the below financing partners. These are unique partnerships that have been fostered for years. 

These lenders entered the solar financing business around 2001 with investments in agriculture solar power project financings utilizing partnership structures. Through 2019, these lenders have deployed hundreds of millions of dollars in solar project financings.

NewGen Energy can connect and facilitate any requested financing relationship with the below partners.

Because of our long standing and proven relationship with the various lenders, we are able to move quickly through the financing process. Our solar solution is more than equipment financing—we also help our clients throughout the entire financing process.

$0 Down Lease-to-Own
Save your company money and reduce operating expenses without the need for out-of-pocket costs. We install and maintain the solar energy system at no cost and offer power at a reduced rate.  Take complete advantage of solar incentives without paying upfront out-of-pocket costs.  Get a 30% tax credit on your system price, renewable energy credits, and other incentives.

We have engineer solutions that are low maintenance and long-lasting.

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NewGen Energy can help you to set up, plug in and reap the rewards of building your business to be both environmentally and economically stable.

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