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Our Core Values

We don’t just build solar and storage systems, we aim to build ongoing relationships through our proprietary service model that creates long-term value to our customers.


50 years

of combined team experience Strong Balance Sheet with no short or long term debt
100 + MWs’ of Solar and Storage experience
100% Process facilitation company
Sustainable Business Certified
General B & C10 Licenses
Proven Schedule Control- Never miss a dead line
100% Customer Satisfaction
Perfect Safety Record
Bet in class warranties
Customer First Approach

Our Story

Based in California, we recognize the fragmented nature of the solar energy industry and make it our mission to rise above this. We service much of the state and provide superior knowledge, care, and hands-on service. With an innovative management team boasting over 85 years combined experience, we handle every project detail from inception to asset management. We strive to be a one-stop shop, a turnkey solar solutions provider.

As professionals, we work to be the No. 1 trusted solution for agricultural, commercial, and homeowner’s needs in renewable energy solutions. We focus on providing a convenient, consistent, and professional solution. All work is performed by licensed, bonded, and insured solar energy technicians, in a professional and courteous manner.

Our proprietary model strives to bring the future into the present, utilizing technology and regular interactions with our customers. Customers will be able to have a modern experience: text notification regarding arrival times, service notifications, monitoring alerts, billing support, updates on tasks, and the ability to add tasks or any issue conveniently through our tech platform.

With over 10 megawatts of combined solar energy project experience, NewGen Energy has become leaders in the agricultural, commercial, and residential renewable energy spaces. We take pride in the high-quality systems we deliver at the most competitive prices, while providing the best customer service experience in the industry. 

Meet Our Team

Abe Emard, Acting CEO and Director of Operations

In two decades as an operator and visionary in the electrical and solar industries, Abe has risen to lead NewGen Energy. With exceptional guidance capabilities, Abe’s strengths include development of the NewGen Energy’s strategic mission and directing and implementing new business initiatives. He is a Central Valley native, with a long family history in agriculture.

Beth Emard, Director of Sales

Beth has helped grow the sales, installation, and service side of the company. She has many years of experience in the solar and construction management industries, which has helped her develop processes and training for NewGen’s Solar Renewables division. She’s passionate both about developing the highest-quality sales and customer service team and growing NewGen Energy’s brand recognition through its quality of services.

Chase Kirkwood, Acting Director of Utility Interconnection and Systems

Chase brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in operating our various proprietary systems. This enables seamless integration with the various utility companies in NEM (net energy metering), NEMA (net energy metering aggregation), PTO (power takeoff), and interconnection agreements.

Bri Spence, Controller

Bri has been instrumental in developing solid accounting and operational practices. She has 20 years of experience in accounting for small businesses, with a majority of them in an entrepreneurial capacity. Bri has been on the creative development team corroborating ideas to build a viable and innovative service business model. She’s also helped with proprietary brand development and brand image.