Financing Made Easy

Predictable energy savings with no money down.

Primary Financing Options

There is no “one” financing solution that works for all building or property owners. The right solution depends on
financial status, long-term business plans and internal resources. We’ll work with you to review your portfolio and
determine the best possible solution designed for your unique operating situation.

$0 Out of Pocket

Our Lease-to-Own financing has helped many to save money and reduce operating expenses without the need for out-of-pocket costs. Ownership that typically occurs within 10 years.

Power Purchase
Agreement (PPA)

With the PPA option, NewGen Energy installs and maintains the solar energy system at no cost and offers you power at a reduced rate. Your energy costs will be guaranteed for up to 20 years, protecting you from future energy price spikes.


A financed purchase allows you to take complete advantage of solar incentives without having to pay any upfront out-of-pocket costs.


An ideal option if you have cash readily available and want to take advantage of all the incentives that come with solar including a 30% tax credit on the solar system price, and renewable energy credits.

Reduce or Eliminate Your
Electricty Cost Now

Learn how you can become energy independent and immediately increase cash flow with solar energy.
With so many options to review such as system purchases, leasing or Power Purchase Agreements, let us help you make the right choice!