Imagine a Greener, Smarter Home
with Newgen Energy

Enjoy a hassle and worry-free experience with our best-in-class 25-year warranty.

Equipment Guarantee

We cover the physical
components of your system.


We cover parts and labor costs
for maintaining your system.


We guarantee the numbers.


Effortless system checks
and monitoring.

Customer Service

We’re here for you,
for the long-term.

Tech Support

If you have questions,
ask them.


Install Solar on Your Home
Without Sacrificing the Curb


Our low-profile silhouettes are as close to the roofline as possible.


Angled skirting gives a finished, flush appearance.


All-black glass impresses rather than distracts.


Maintain power during a blackout with a backup battery system.


Financing Solutions

Our customized solar solutions are guaranteed to save you money. Learn how we can get into a financing option that’s right for you.

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Lock in your NEM2.0 rate mechanism

Earn your highest tax incentives

Hedge against any future utility rate increases

Offset up to 110% of your annual electrical usage

Create a sustainable long term renewable source of energy

Take advantage of the 20 year rate grandfathering that will insure your investment