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Core Solutions

Onsite solar panel installation:

We design and build solar panel installations for customers in the agricultural, business, and residential industries. We’ve helped a range of different customers, from Central Valley farmers to developers to homeowners.

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Energy storage system:

An energy storage system, or ESS installed with a PV system can increase utility bill savings by reducing demand charges. Energy storage also hedges against impacts of changes in utility rates and tariffs.

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Solar water pumps:

Predicting utility costs for water districts and public entity operations is not easy. That’s why we create solar water pumps designed to generate electricity with more predictability and at a much lower cost.

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Residential products:

For homeowners, we sell and install backup batteries, standby backup generators, andelectrical panel upgrades. We also will do solar installations for residential customers.

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NewGen Energy can help you to set up, plug in and reap the rewards of building your business to be both environmentally and economically sustainable. The time is now for harnessing alternative energy for your agribusiness. 

Design and Installation

We design and install turnkey solutions using state of the art solar technology. We manage your solar energy systems every step of the way ensuring your experience with us is smooth. You’re guaranteed a project that is on-time, meets budget, and doesn’t disrupt your work process.

Design services include:

– Site energy analysis and survey

– Evaluation of your operation’s energy use and design of
the correct system for your needs

– Consultation on property tax abatements

Our installation process includes:

– Dedicated, on-site project team that is licensed and bonded

– Procurement of highest quality components at volume
pricing and predictable delivery schedules.

– Expedited permitting and inspections

From design all the way to installation, we provide our customers with systems proven to reduce energy costs.

In-House Developers and Engineers

What makes us the ideal development partner? Not only do we have an established network of local utility companies, but our in-house team consists of expert developers and licensed, NABCEP-certified engineers, highly-skilled in the following arenas:

– Site assessment and feasibility analysis

– Engineering, procurement, and construction, or EPC services

– Geotechnical and environmental surveys

– Structural, mechanical, electrical design and civil engineering

– Construction financing and management

– Equity financing

– All plan set submittals required to obtain a standard building permit from the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ)

We also work to facilitate the interconnection process from application through completed interconnection agreement and securing permission to operate. We will appeal and advocate on behalf of the client at every reasonable opportunity.

Asset Management and Billing Support

Our energy management system is equipped to provide operation and maintenance services for long-term power solutions. We’ll monitor your system for you and will schedule a technician to resolve any issue that may occur. Every solar panel system we build comes with the Locus Energy system which provides tracking and monitoring of your solar project on a regular basis. Unlike many other solar companies, we offer utility bill auditing, which measures the worth of the energy that your system produces against your utility bill credits. We have also partnered with vistawatt to provide a seamless post solar energy billing system and service to its customers. From post solar rate optimization, data analysis, solar performance, bill management and asset management, NewGen Energy and vistawatt are committed to customer support through the life time of the solar panel system. Our goal through all the tracking and monitoring, is that your system maintain peak performance, with maximum potential savings.

Our Promise

Your NewGen Energy system will generate a specific amount of energy over time. We mean this as a promise. Most solar companies don’t want to be liable for production output, but we guarantee the numbers over 25 years and will cover the difference.

As our way of saying thank you to customers, we also waive all operation and maintenance fees the first year including testing, warranty administration, and comprehensive maintenance. For owner-operated systems, we offer additional service options after the first year, including panel washing and equipment repairs.