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Sustainability with Solar

Make your farming or processing operation more competitive, profitable and sustainable with NewGen Energy.

On average, NewGen Energy customers who install a 1MW solar system offset $265,000 in utility costs in the first year alone.

A consolidated solar solution for all of your irrigation pumps

Solar Made Simple for Agriculture

Energy costs are rising every day. For growers and processors in the agriculture industry, markets are unpredctable and margins can be tight. You need to get a handle on it all with predictable eletricity costs, and a sustainable energy resource you can generate onsite: solar.

NewGen Energy specializes in solar solutions for farms and agribusinesses: We partner with you to design energy strategies that save, on average, $50,000 per acre compared with crop yields. Working together, we power a more sustainable and resilient food supply.

A Solar Solution Fit For You

NewGen has been working with customers in the agriculture industry since 2012 to build alternative energy systems that electrify irrigation pumps and provide clean power for processing your crops. Cold storage, machinery and all the electrical operations that drive your agribusiness.


Whether your growing fruits, vegetable, nuts, cotton or other crops, solar can help shave off utility costs, an excellent hedge against inflation, solar can help growers offset the high costs of irrigation and other operational costs.


Processing crops require a lot of energy, and seasonal demand spikes can cause your utility bill to surge unexpectedly. A solar and storage solution keeps cost stable so. you can focus on the harvest.

Dairies and Ranch

Dairies and ranches have unique needs when it comes to energy. Dairies use solar to offset the costs of constant electrification for milking machines, HVAC and refrigeration, ranches appreciate the ability to turn underutilized land into a cost-saving solar array.


Distributing food requires logistics management and optimal col storage every step of the way. In addition, trucking fleets are rapidly moving to electrification. Solar can help reduce operational costs on both fronts.

Financing Options

$0 Down
Lease – to – Own

Save your company money and reduce operating expenses without the need for out-of-pocket costs.


Power Purchase (PPA)

We install and maintain the solar energy system at no cost and offer power at a reduced rate.


Financed Purchase

Take complete advantage of solar incentives without paying upfront out-of-pocket expenses.


Cash Purchase

Get a 30% tax credit on your system price, renewable energy credits, and other incentives.