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Solar for Commercial and Industrial

Solar for commercial and industrial building owners offers important financial benefits. Solar can reduce or eliminate electricity costs, increasing cash flow and creating predictable monthly energy costs.

Roof-Mounted Solar

Our roof-mounted solar installations have been designed to maximize dollar savings by covering abundant roof space into a conduit for clean energy generation. We have engineer solutions that are low maintenance and long-lasting.

Solar Carports

Economical alternative to complex and expensive roof mount systems – Solar carports let you take full advantage of large parking areas for the purpose of producing electricity while providing shade to parked vehicles, employees and visitors.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial building owners can benefit from solar energy in many ways. Solar is a great way to reduce future energy costs and to gain LEED credits. To a commercial building owner, this means maximizing output dollar savings each month compared to your current electric utility company. For almost every kind of commercial construction project, NewGen Energy can help set your business apart and make sure your budget and timeline are met.

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Assembly lines, electric motors and processing equipment have the largest impact on electrical usage in manufacturing environments. Additionally, electric utility rates tend to increase each year, adding unpredictable costs to your operation. NewGen Energy can reduce or eliminate your energy rates by creating a solution designed to be cost effective. Our solution will have an impact on you immediate electrical usage and allow facility managers to predict costs over the entire lifespan of their solar energy system.

NewGen Energy can help you to set up, plug in and reap the rewards of building your business to be both environmentally and economically sustainable. The time is now for harnessing alternative energy for your agribusiness. 

What makes us the ideal development partner? Not only do we have an established network of local utility companies, but our in-house team consists of expert developers and engineers, highly-skilled in the following arenas:

Site Assessment/Feasibility Analysis

Utility Interconnection Services

Engineering and Design

Procurement Services

Construction Financing

Equity Financing

EPC Services

Construction Management


Asset Management