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Our Offerings

Standby Generators

NewGen Energy offers top of the line standby Generac generators capable of powering your entire home in the event of a power outage or PSPS. These intelligent generators detect when your power goes out with an automatic transfer switch, and come on automatically which allows peace of mind.

Solar PV

As utility rates continue to rise, solar PV systems are becoming a greater necessity for California homeowners. The 26% federal tax credit will continue to decrease in the coming years, so there has never been a better incentive to lock in your rates under NEM2.0 and invest in your future.

Backup Batteries

PG&E’s newly implemented Time of Use (TOU) rates mean that they can charge you more money for power during periods of high consumption, specifically 4PM to 9PM. Backup batteries can help you offset these increased rates by powering your home during this period, while also protecting you from short-term power outages.

Panel Upgrades

If your electrical panel is outdated and a potential fire risk, or if you just want more power for your home, NewGen Energy is happy to provide you with a quick and easy one-day installation. We are also proud to offer smart electrical panels that let you monitor your power consumption and help you save on your electric bill.


Are you looking at solar, but you need a new roof first? The federal tax credit for energy efficiency can be applied to certain roofs that qualify if they become part of the solar PV installation. This will allow you to take the 26% federal tax credit on the total contract price. NewGen Energy’s licensed roofers will ensure you receive first class service, while saving you money.


Is your fence old and worn out? Are you looking to set aside a new area in your yard for a vegetable garden? NewGen Energy offers quick and clean installations of wood, vinyl, and metal fences for both small and large projects.

Financing Options

$0 Down
Lease – to – Own

Save your company money and reduce operating expenses without the need for out-of-pocket costs.


Power Purchase (PPA)

We install and maintain the solar energy system at no cost and offer power at a reduced rate.


Financed Purchase

Take complete advantage of solar incentives without paying upfront out-of-pocket expenses.


Cash Purchase

Get a 30% tax credit on your system price, renewable energy credits, and other incentives.