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“With over 100+ megawatts of combined solar energy project experience, NewGen Energy has become leaders in the agricultural, commercial, and residential alternative energy spaces. We take pride in the high-quality systems we deliver at the most competitive prices, while providing the best customer service experience in the industry.”

Today’s Alternative Energy Benefits

Utility Policy Changes Enable Long-Term Savings

NEM 2.0 allows 20-year rate grandfathering and NEMA allows meter aggregation for agribusinesses.

Incentive have Greatly Shortened Payback Periods

Take advantage of the 26% ITC and bonus depreciation (100% year 1) or MACRS, favorable financing vehicle include operating leases with 30-45% year 1 savings or loans with a 2-4 year simple payback.

An Alternative Energy System has Countless Benefits

Improvements are property tax exempt and you can lock in your rates today to avoid future utility rate inflation costs.

Alternative Energy has Never Been More Enticing

Today’s technology offers the opportunity to stabilize your energy costs while producing long-term value and an increased bottom line.

Great designs are more than aesthetics. Great design begins with understanding what the goals are and how to achieve them.  

Our Process

Site Assessment

We track and measure your energy usage and utility bill in order to create a custom-tailored plan that will help you to increase energy savings.

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Design & Installation

We have designed and built many large-scale ground mounts, rooftop PV projects and alternative energy carports. From fixed-tilt arrays to single-axis trackers.

Connecting To The Grid

Utility Interconnection standards are the requirements for connecting your alternative energy system to the grid. these rules apply to both electricity customers and utilities.

Asset Management

Our energy management system is equipped to provide operation and maintenance services for long-term power solutions.

Monitor Power Usage

Our smart energy management system allows us to use, monitor, and manage your operation’s performance effortlessly.

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