Commercial rooftop solar panels

Tax Benefits and Incentives

Evolving your energy has never been more cost effective.

Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act restores and extends federal solar tax credits. This includes the residential and commercial Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Thanks to the bill, homeowners those who install solar between the start of 2022 through the end of 2032 will be able to deduct 30% of the cost from their federal income taxes, with non-profit entities receiving a 30% direct pay check from the IRS. If you owe less than that amount in federal taxes for the year you install your system, you can carry over any unused credit to the next year.

California Incentives

In addition to Federal rebates many counties and local utility providers provide incentives to homeowners for adding solar and home batteries.

Installing a system could also help you build home value. Depending on which California city you live in, your home value increase can be up to 4%.

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For the Life of Your System

Beyond the Build

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