Restore or replace your aging system.

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Making old systems new again, dramatically increasing production and lifespan by upgrading and correcting system issues without expanding the existing footprint.

How it Works

Maximize your production potential.

NewGen will analyze your system to determine if your energy objectives are being met and will recommend, quote, and implement solutions including replacing worn or damaged parts and necessary maintenance procedures.

More power at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Repowering Your System

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Improve Technology

Repowering your solar project means higher energy yield while utilizing existing land, higher capacity, higher installation security and longer life-span; renewing the life expectancy of your solar project. Repowering will also eliminate the need for increased repair and maintenance of aging systems, making the technology reliable once again.

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Increase Reliability

In some cases, projects were built using equipment from suppliers that are no longer in the market or contractors no longer in business. RePowering your system with NewGen ensures that your system will be maintained for life with components that can be easily maintained or replaced.

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High ROI

Solar repowering can reduce operating and maintenance costs, and eliminate the need for costly repairs while increasing efficiency and capacity for overall lower cost of energy. These improvements along with increased uptime, will increase the return on your investment while also increasing the value of your solar asset.

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Clear Future

When you repower your system with NewGen you will not only receive a higher producing, longer lasting system, you’ll also have the benefit of our SolarCare+ O&M services,further monetization through Energy Credit Brokerage, and a comprehensive warranty and component replacement program to ensure effortless ownership of your new system.

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