Renewable Energy Credit Brokerage

NewGen bundles your Renewable Energy Credits, selling to buyers who typically buy quantities that cannot be achieved by single systems.         

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Renewable Energy Credit Brokerage

NewGen allows you to tap an otherwise inaccessible revenue stream by pooling and selling the energy credits created by your system.

01. Why NewGen

Utilizing a single solar system to monetize Renewable Energy Credits is typically not feasible. NewGen's large portfolio allows your RECs to be bundled and sold in otherwise inaccessible trading markets.

02. REC Generation

Your system needs to have the correct meter and registration with governing authorities to track and apply for your REC production. NewGen takes care of the entire process for you, from upgrading your meter to registration.

03. Tracking Production

Your solar generation is monitored with extreme accuracy and reported to governing authorities using our licensed renewable energy credit metering hardware and software.

04. REC Market

Your accrued RECs are sold along with those from other systems in our portfolio to utilities and other entities offsetting their carbon footprint. Our large portfolio allows for higher returns on your RECs.

05. Payout

You will receive an annual payout from teh sale of your RECs. When enrolled in SolarCare+ these payouts will offset the cost of SolarCare+ services, keeping your system running at peak production, while providing you with additional income.

06. Eligibility

NewGen can broker Renewable Energy Credits for most solar systems over 100kw in California - including systems not installed by NewGen.

SREC Brokerage

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