Rooted in Agriculture

With over 50 MW’s of agribusiness solar energy systems in our portfolio, NewGen Energy has the qualifications to handle the most challenging projects in the industry and achieve real savings for our customers.

Solar for Agribusiness

We have a history of providing excellent ROI for our customers and we take pride in providing systems of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Powering the farms that feed the nation.

Learn more about how NewGen and GrayBar Renewables are powering the farms feeding the nation.


Whether your growing fruits, vegetable, nuts, cotton or other crops, solar can help shave off utility costs, an excellent hedge against inflation, solar can help growers offset the high costs of irrigation and other operational costs.

Dairies and Ranch

Dairies and ranches have unique needs when it comes to energy. Dairies use solar to offset the costs of constant electrification for milking machines, HVAC and refrigeration, ranches appreciate the ability to turn underutilized land into a cost-saving solar array.


Processing crops require a lot of energy, and seasonal demand spikes can cause your utility bill to surge unexpectedly. A solar and storage solution keeps cost stable so. you can focus on the harvest.

Cold Storage

Distributing food requires logistics management and optimal cold storage every step of the way. Solar can help reduce operational costs to build a more resilient business.


Because of our long standing and proven relationship with the various lenders, we are able to move quickly through the financing process. Our solar solution is more than equipment financing—we also help our clients throughout the entire financing process.

Financing Options


Success Stories

Our Satisfied Customers

Adam DeVisser P&A DeVisser Dairy Escalon, CA
Josh Cunningham Cunningham Farms Ripon, CA
Tom Pires Pires Farming Lemoore, CA
David Santos David Santos Farming Los Banos, CA
John Bartelink Bartelink Dairy Escalon, CA
Frank Rocha Frank N Rocha Dairy Escalon, CA
John Bennett Bennett Ranches Firebaugh, CA
Mike Nutcher Hidden Valley Dairy Gustine, CA
Dave Koolhaas Vanderschaaf Dairy Escalon, CA
Derek De Graaf De Graaf Ranch Escalon, CA
Eldrid Pires Pires Dairy Gustine, CA
Megan Rocha R&S Dairy Escalon, CA
Denver Andersen Andersen Nut Co Gustine, CA
Joel Webber Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery Fresno, CA
Tony Martin Martins View Dairy Gustine, CA
Dennis Nunes D&D Holsteins Gustine, CA
Robin Fanelli Dias Family Dairy Stevenson, CA
David Godinho Godinho Dairy Los Banos, CA
John Toste John Toste Dairy Newman, CA
Dennis Da Silva Da Silva Dairy Farms Escalon, CA
Eddie Silveira Eddie Silveira Family Dairy Santa Nella, CA
Rick Riella Riella Farms French Camp, CA
Rick Stuyt Stuyt Dairy Escalon, CA
David Celli Celli Brothers, LLC Stockton, CA
John Silveira John Silveira Family Dairy Newman, CA
Penny Nicholas Nicholas Family Farms Orange Cove, CA
Joe Nunes Joe Nunes Dairy Los Banos, CA
Michael Vaz Vaz Dairy Los Banos, CA
John McCory Mary Furey Ranches Le Grand, CA
Joe Silveira Joe V Silveira Dairy Gustine, CA
Joe Martin Martin Land & Cattle Farmington, CA
Mike Davis Dos Palos Cooperative Gin Dos Palos, CA
Jim Bertao Bob & Jim Bertao Farms Dos Palos, CA
Robert McDonald Robert McDonald Ranches Los Banos, CA
Ron De Pauw Newman Land & Cattle Newman, CA
Grant Guerrieri Clark Pacific Corporation Woodland, CA
Danika Fitzpatrick Sterns Ranch Woodland, CA
Rein Doornenbal Dornenbal Dairy Escalon, CA
Anthonty Fugundes AJF Dairy Chowchilla, CA 
Bert Crane Bert Crane Orchards Merced, CA 
Christine Ford Roduner Ranches Chowchilla, CA 
Danny Machado 3 Machados Dairy Merced, CA
Fred Melo Melo Dairy Merced, CA 
Kirk Jensen Draper Road Ranches Modesto, CA 
Manuel Silva Silva Dairy
Michael Barcellos Barcellos Dairy Tipton, CA 
Paul Nunes Nunes Dairy LP Escalon, CA 
Paul Van Warmerdam PH Ranch Winton, CA 
Raymond Quaresma Quaresma Dairy Manteca, CA 
Rick Jones Jones Farms Stevinson, CA 
Patrick Cerutti Cerutti-McClintock Newman, CA 
Richard Bettencourt Blue Sky Dairy Atwater, CA 
Tony Lopes Tony Lopes Dairy Gustine, CA 
Dan Gomes Antone L Gomes & Sons Newman, CA 
Karan Koschar Karan UIA Davis Davis, CA
Grant Guerrieri Clark Pacific Corporation Woodland, CA
Water Districts
John Relvas Central California Irrigation District Los Banos, CA
Jeff Bryant Firebaugh Canal Water District Firebaugh, CA
Non Profit
Brent Alger Escalon Christian Reformed Church Escalon, CA
Nate Finley Immanuel Christian Reformed Church Ripon, CA
Jeff Van Groningen First Christian Reformed Church Ripon, CA
Dennis Ojakangas Davis Lutheran Church Davis, CA

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We'll guide you through every step to maximize your solar ROI.

In addition to tailoring a solar and energy management system to your exact needs we ensure that you can take advantage of all rebates, local incentives, and financing options to maximize your return and shorten your payback.

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